Raise patient throughput

Single point registration, single sign-on.

Time spent in eliciting clinical information is saved - System presents most information (HPI, Social/Family History, past medications, etc.) to allow doctor to diagnose, prescribe, order.

Note taking is automatic as consultation proceeds; CPOE saves time in prescribing, ordering.

Selected steps (workflow) in consultation may be offloaded to assistant freeing up doctor time.

Ubiquitous care-giving will allow doctor to attend to certain patients' follow up care outside clinic, freeing up clinic time for additional patients.

Minimize drug errors

Doctor is alerted on "drug to drug‘, ‘drug to allergy' and ‘drug to condition’.

Electronic linkage between Pharmacy and Prescription through drug code ensures right drug is issued.

Arrest revenue leakage

Medications, tests, procedures, material can only be carried out/issued with CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry).

Issues of medicines/material for tests, procedures are matched with Order, the system alerts in real time if mismatched.

Tests, procedures, issues (of medicines/material) are linked to billing in real time.

Crash bed turnaround time

Discharge time is crashed because billing data is captured in real time and bills available in real time.

No reconciliation required between different information systems - clinical, bed management and billing are integrated in real time.

Wait time between successive occupants gets compressed.

Raise administrative efficiencies

Replenishment model, buffer management provides for high material availability at lower inventories.

Visibility into patient queues at resource enables optimal resource utilization.