Presenting the MediBus Clinical & Hospital Information Management System

The MediBus user interface for Doctors, Nurses and Technicians mimics their current way of working.., It does not place any demands to learn new skills or abilities. By using MediBus you will achieve the following business results:

  • Increase outpatient throughput
  • Crash bed turn around time
  • Eliminate revenue leakages
  • Raise administrative efficiencies and resource utilization
  • Enhance patient care and experience
  • Pay as you use and avoid major upfront investment

In a sentence, increase your bottom line by as much as 8-10% of your current topline!

The MediBus Clinical & Hospital Information Management System will delight you in many ways. It allows you to take care of your patients without disruption during adoption, mimics your current way of capturing data, enables you to increase patient throughput, increases bed turnover, results in collaboration across departments, increases profitability by reducing revenue leakage and administrative costs.

MediBus adoption is minimally disruptive

Ease of use enables physicians and clinical staff adopt MediBus painlessly

  • Configure templates to any clinical specialty to see information the way they are used to seeing them
  • Capture clinical data by touch or voice (we are Dragon compatible), avoiding the need to type
  • Choose from extensive library of quick-to-record progress notes
  • Use utilities in MediBus to migrate exisiting data electronically
  • No need to set up IT infrastructure and personnel
  • All that is required is a web browser, user ID and password to get started


A true business tool for your hospital administrator

MediBus incorporates functionalities that improve administrative efficiencies

  • Computerized Physician Order Entry integrates order, service and billing in real time to eliminate mismatches between reported and actual figures
  • Replenishment model of inventory management raises SKU availability while cutting inventory levels to half
  • e-Prescription eliminates adverse prescription errors arising from drug-to-drug, drug-to-patient and drug-to-condition interactions
  • Central data storage allows secure, anytime, anywhere access to patient related data
  • Web-based appointment scheduling supported by automated alerts and notifications reduces patient queues and wait time
  • Clinical rules and alerts enables personalized patient care and attention


Enhanced patient care at lower costs is a reality

MediBus offers system led enhancement of patient care and experience

  • Patient has access to structured, query-able up-to-date Patient Electronic Health Record on demand
  • Ability to send Patient Electronic Health Record from one Physician/Hospital to another and thereby ensure continuity of care
  • Schedule appointments online and receive reminders and alerts on the status
  • Receive reminders/alerts on tests, medications, diet and exercise based on physician orders, including pre-test instructions
  • Experience personalized care and attention through ubiquitous delivery of care supported by clinical alerts and notifications


You have no cause for concern on security and privacy

MediBus is certified by ONC-ATCB for HiPPA compliance

  • Highly secure: It's like a vault at the bank as opposed to a vault in the bedroom
  • Offers multi-level Data Security & Backups
  • Data transmitted over the network is encrypted; encryption offered for certain restful data like account information/passwords
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Role based Access Control ensure that only authorized users have access to the data
  • Every access is audited, while the database has integrity protection
  • Patient Protected Health Information ensures confidentiality, integrity, availability
  • Adheres to common security standards adopted by the industry (PKCS/IKE)
  • Administrative Safeguards and Workforce Security ensure that processes are followed with regard to PHI when working with customers


Cloud based architecture makes your hospital future ready

Ubiquitous care is the future of healthcare delivery

  • HL 7 and web based architecture integrates readily with other systems (clinics, labs, HIEs etc.) as well as Internet based devices (CDG monitors, Holters etc.)
  • Real time access to appointments, patient data, clinical notes and e-Prescription on most devices (iPads, tablets) supported by real time alerts and notifications from monitors make ubiquitous care a reality
  • Clinical alerts enable management by exception and personalization of care over a large number of patients

So call us to get started right away! Or ask for a demo.

Our hospital is well established with tried and tested processes. Why do I need to look at a change?

Hospitals worldwide realize the need to change to offer a better patient experience, deliver better healthcare and post improved business results. Asking these questions will help you evaluate the need for online systems to improve your hospital's processes:

  • How can we reduce the TAT (turn around time)?
  • How can we reduce discharge time from 6 hours to 20 minutes?
  • How can we process outpatients more efficiently?
  • How can we reduce patient waiting time by upto 50%?
  • How can we increase the number of patients we are able to serve every day?
  • How can we improve, measure the patient experience?
  • How can we improve our business results with existing resources?

All of these are possible with the MediBus healthcare delivery system for improved business results, better patient experience and care, and quality delivery of healthcare.


Can we use existing IT systems along with this solution?

Yes. The existing IT systems will be integrated with our solution.


How is the MediBus advanced healthcare delivery system different from others?

  • Unlike existing hospital systems it captures clinical data in real time.
  • Designed by seasoned healthcare professionals: with inputs from doctors, clinicians and process experts.
  • Starts with clinical workflow at its heart with data capture at every event in real time, also automatically links clinical procedures to billing.
  • Facilitates e-Prescription, tracks if medication has been dispensed to patients and alerts on drug-drug combinations/interactions.
  • Facilitates ubiquitous access to the records, collaboration across departments without having to re-enter (duplicate) information again.
  • You can set up templates for your own specialities, forms, workflow models.
  • Has the extensability to add on new facilities, specialties or disciplines.


How does patient throughput increase?

Patient throughput increases as unproductive time spent on each patient decreases:

  • Single point of registration, single sign-on.
  • Time spent in eliciting clinical information saved: The system presents most information (HPI, Social/Family History, Past Medications, etc.) to allow doctor to diagnose, prescribe, order quickly and efficiently
  • Note taking is automatic as consultation proceeds; CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) saves time in prescribing, ordering.
  • Selected steps in consultation may be offloaded to an assistant, thereby freeing up doctor time.
  • Ubiquitous caregiving will allow doctor to attend to certain patients' follow up care outside clinic, freeing up clinic time for additional patients.


How is revenue leakage arrested?

Revenue leakage is arrested because the system automatically tracks every procedure or order that is billable:

  • Medications, tests, procedures, material can only be carried out/issued with CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry).
  • Issues of medicines/material for tests, procedures are matched with order; the system alerts in real time if mismatched.
  • Tests, procedures, issues (of medicines/material) are linked to billing in real time.


How does revenue increase if adverse drug errors are eliminated?

The system uses its database to ensure:

  • Doctor is alerted on ‘drug to drug', 'patient to drug', and 'drug to condition' allergies if prescribed.
  • Electronic linkage between Pharmacy and Prescription through drug code ensures wrong drugs are not issued.


How does bed revenue increase?

The system incorporates a process that:

  • Electronically captures information available in real time.
  • No reconciliation required between different information systems - clinical, bed management and billing.
  • Wait time between successive occupants gets compressed.


How does the MediBus system ensure reduction in administrative costs?

The MediBus sytem enables reduction in administrative costs through:

  • Better Inventory Management & Control.
  • Reduction in Material Availability required.
  • Automatic reconciliation of Billing.
  • Optimized Bed Queue Management.
  • Note taking at point of Care.


How does the MediBus system ensure better patient care?

The Medibus system ensures better patient care by:

  • Reducing waiting time for patients.
  • Clinical Decision Alerts assist in long term diagnosis and care.
  • Electronic Capture & Storage of Clinical history.
  • Online access to Patient records ( Patient Portal).
  • Reminders through SMS/ Emails.
  • Business Intelligence dashboard.


The MediBus Clinical & Hospital Information Management System will enable you to increase throughput and revenues and enable better patient care and relationships. 

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