Presenting the MediBus Clinic Information Management System

Our Clinic Information Management System is a simple Business Tool (that includes an EMR) to increase your income by making your clinic more efficient. So you see more patients in less time, while providing them with better care.

You don't have to learn any new skills, nor change the way you have always worked!

So fulfil the mandate, be paid for adopting the EMR and improve your clinic's performance.

The MediBus Clinic Information Management System is all you need. It allows you to care for your patients without disruption during adoption, increases efficiency, is a delight to use and enables you to meet the regulatory adoption milestones with ease.

Work the way you have always done

It's easy to adopt and use as you don't have to change how you work or learn new skills

  • You can focus on your patients during examination as before.
  • Customize templates to see information the way you are used to seeing them.
  • Data capture with voice (we are Dragon compatible), or selection of multiple choices. Or continue to use your transcription service.
  • Extensive library of quick-to-record progress notes to choose from.


See your notes develop as you examine a patient

Automatic capture of information to form clinical notes

  • See clinical notes develop within the same screen as you record your observations.
  • History and test results on the same screen for ready reference.
  • See all relevant information on one screen during your patient interaction.
  • Information tabs slide in and out enabling you to see any information you want.


Increase the number of patients you see and make more income

You make more income by increasing process efficiency and reducing costs/losses

  • Easy adoption ensures you are up and running quickly and smoothly.
  • You can continue to use your transcription service and dictate notes if you like.
  • Sophisticated E & M module ensures no under billing (typically 10% in most practices), and provides an audit trail.
  • Fully integrated EMR scheduling and billing makes it efficient and easy to use.
  • Review patient data in real time, and e-prescribe with your iPad or Android tablet from wherever you are.


You can do this while taking better care of your patients

We provide the tools & applications to take better care of your patients

  • Reduce patient wait times and improve their overall experience.
  • Enables 24/7 online monitoring of patients with chronic conditions.
  • Patient journaling for better informed patients who can participate in their treatment.
  • Prevent the onset of chronic conditions by encouraging healthier lifestyles.
  • Clinical decision alerts enable better preventive care for your patients.
  • Links with specialized labs enables higher quality of clinical management.
  • Timely text and other alerts improve adherence to courses of medication.


Practice Management Software with unique benefits

Functionality that makes it a Business Tool for greater efficiency

  • Full HIPAA compliance for EDI with access to all required transactions.
  • Substantially reduces billing costs.
  • Claim status inquiry for real time updates from insurance company data bases .
  • Enables claims audit prior to transmission to avoid rejection.
  • Auto-posting of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) received from Payers.
  • Accounting software interface for general ledger tasks and check writing.


If your staff use the Internet, they can use our System

So simple, your staff members don't need to learn any new skills

  • Simple, intuitive and easy to adopt.
  • Easy-to-use module for efficient scheduling /re-scheduling of appointments.
  • Staff will see only what they need to see as the system is easily configurable .
  • Staff can configure almost any change on the fly with no programming needed.
  • Excellent training resources and implementation program for proficiency.
  • Data entry and retrieval can be done through voice, touch or mouse-clicks.
  • Access from desktops, laptops, iPads or held-held devices.
  • Reminders & alerts ensure efficient follow up and more productive time for staff.


Cloud based architecture makes your clinic future proof

This is the future of healthcare delivery

  • Highly secure: It's like a vault at the bank as opposed to a vault in your bedroom.
  • HL7 and web based architecture for easy integration with other systems (hospital, labs, HIEs etc.) as well as devices (CDG monitors, Holters etc.).
  • Real time vitals can be seen 24/7 on most devices (iPads, tablets ) with suitable alerts .
  • Enables you to manage by exception as the system will manage routine tasks.


Highly secure, scalable and flexible to meet all your needs

Manage the clinic, reports, billing and interface with your partners like never before

  • Patient Demographics, Patient Scheduling, Clinical Note Taking, ePrescriptions.
  • Billing & Claims Management, Clinical & Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Encounter Reports Daily, Weekly, On-demand; Billing and Collection Reports; Procedure and Utilization Reports; Accounts Receivable and Aging Reports
  • Extensive reporting module enables you to automatically generate reports for Clinical Quality Measures.
  • Integration with labs, radiology, hospitals and more. 

In short, you don't have to adapt to the platform, you can customize the platform to your way of working. While automatically computing how far you have progressed in achieving the meaningful use criteria and how close you are to earning your incentives!

So call us to get started right away! Or ask for a demo.

How does the MediBus system improve revenues while reducing cost?

The MediBus Clinical Information Management System can increase your revenues as well as profitability while reducing costs because it improves every process in your clinic:

More efficient patient scheduling: Patient visits can be set up online on the Patient Portal for visits, periodic reviews etc. So that it's easy, efficient and you don't waste any appointments.

Reduces time per patient, improves throughput: Record your clinical observations by voice, touch or mouse clicks to record notes quickly and efficiently. It's even easier to review as all previous records, tests and progress notes are available at the click of a mouse.

Reduces Waiting Time: The system displays waiting time by colour, showing you how long they have waited, so you can prioritize patients accordingly. This also helps you manage throughput optimally by utilizing all resources available.

Don't miss any patient requirements: Whether annual health checks, preventive care or maintenance, use the system to schedule reminders via email, text or personal calls reminders. This enables better continuity of care and improved revenues.

E & M coder: Built in E & M coder suggests applicable E & M codes that can be used saving you effort, time and money.

Health Reminders: Configure setting to remind your patients electronically.

Monitor Meaningful Use Progress: The system has built-in reporting solutions to track your meaningful use progress available at the click of a button.

Minimize Errors: Configuring the system with the exact ICD codes and Modifier codes ensures minimal rejections. Detailed note taking enables you to offer evidence based billing.


Why is the MediBus system easy to adopt and use?

It is easy to adopt and use because it is flexible and easy to use. So you can work the way you have always done while enjoying the multiple benefits of a sophisticated cloud based system that increases efficiency and quality of care:

Access patient information anytime, anywhere: Access the system from any location with a web browser and an internet connection: from your smart phone, iPad, tablet, notebook or computer.

Customize to suit your preferences: Customize and organize tabs & templates to your personal preferences. The system can be customized to meet the working style and needs of every physician within the practice by specialty.

Detailing patient encounters was never simpler: Capture more information with a few clicks and an auto Preview (Note Builder) to let you know how your clinical note is progressing.

Multiple ways to enter data: Enter information into the system on your iPad, or by typing, naturally speaking Dragon software or a stylus on a tablet. (With the auto suggest feature, information once entered is stored for you to click and auto complete). You can even import transcribed notes into the patient notes.

Use your existing Workflow : The system adapts to the way you work and does not force you to change the way you work or learn new skills.

Secure Messaging : Use messaging to communicate internally as well as with patients securely. Tag conversations to patients


How does it enable better clinical decision making?

The system is configured to enable you to use applications and resources for better clinical decision making:

Clinical Decision Support Alerts: Create a list of alerts based on patient condition, prior lab results etc.

CC and HPI: This enables you to link a particular complaint, or multiple complaints to a HPI and ROS. Set defaults for HPI, ROS and PE.

Progress Notes Docks: Look at and compare multiple progress notes from previous visits.

Quality of Care: Spend more time with patients and less time record keeping.


How does it enable better patient relationships?

The system has tools that help you improve the patient experience and interact with them in a simple and easy way to build better on-going relationships with them:

EMR on a Patient Portal: Patients have access to their records online. They can also request appointments or medication refills online making it easy to schedule appointments and reviews.

Generate patient lists:  Build a list of patients for continuity of care: for example Annual health checks, preventive care, maintenance, reviews etc. Send them email reminders, physical reminders.

Empower your patients: Share literature with patients to be aware of their conditions, changes in life style required etc. Shows you care for their long term well-being.

Reduced Waiting Time: Better scheduling using the system makes for greater efficiency and reduced waiting time, as well prioritizing patients waiting for a long time.