What is the Technology being used for the MediBus platform?

We are a Cloud Based built on the robust .Net framework.


What is the difference between Client Server Based and Cloud Based systems?

There are usually three kinds of systems:

  • Client Server Based: Example MS office.
  • Web Based / Additional Software: Example: Skype, Drop Box.
  • Cloud Based: Example Gmail.

We are the third type: Cloud Based which has several advantages over the other two.


What are the advantages of a Web based or Cloud Based system such as the MediBus platform?

This is a major advantage as you will move from a capital intensive IT infrastructure involving high CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) to an outsourced service model which is OPEX, or affordable Operational Expenditure.

This is because you do not have to keep buying servers and other expensive equipment, no expensive licenses and renewals, no need to keep upgrading software and security systems, or maintain an ever growing IT team to run these systems, no risk from reliance on a single operating system.

MediBus keeps the platform and service always current, installs upgrades and operates on a mission critical basis so you have nothing to worry about. So you can focus on giving better care to your patients while reducing costs and improving efficiencies.


Do we need to buy other software to use the MediBus system?

No, you don't have to invest in any software to run this system. As long as you have PCs or laptops running Windows or the Apple OS you can use the system. The minimum system requirement per machine is at least a 2 Ghz processor with 4 GB of RAM and 200 GB Hard Disk.


Is the application required to be downloaded & installed in all the machines?

No, there is no need for any downloads. All you need is a web based browser on your machine. Users will login just as they would log in to access their email.


How secure is the MediBus system?

The MediBus system is infinitely safer than you running a system from a server in your office as it is anchored in Tier 3 data centres and professional networks with the highest levels of security in place. The closest analogy would to compare it to a safe vault at home as opposed to having one at a Chase Manhattan bank branch where the Cloud Based system is like Chase Manhattan Bank!


How reliable and efficient is the MediBus system?

Since the MediBus system runs on a platform with distributed computing, the load is shared across computers for greater reliability and efficiency. The closest analogy would be UPS or FedEx having several sorting centres for their mail service across the country for quick, reliable and efficient delivery of their service. Now imagine having several networks like these to keep your system running always!


Is the MediBus system future ready?

With Meaningful Use Stage 2 to be initiated in the near future, your EHR will need to have the capability of communicating/ building bridges with HIE's when required. For most vintage systems developed before the last 3-10 years this is a mammoth task. Not for MediBus! We already have the architecture in place, so it will be as simple and similar to downloading an application into the iPad and you can connect.