What does MediBus do?

MediBus is a Healthcare Services Platform delivering advanced systems for Clinics, Hospitals.

The cutting edge MediBus Clinical & Hospital Information Management System has applications to capture, analyse and manage clinical and other information to deliver better business results and improve patient care.

The MediBus platform is built on the vision that:

  • Clinics and Hospitals can significantly improve efficiencies and processes using IT systems for better business results and deliver better healthcare.
  • Health care will increasingly turn patient centric, and transcend the physical boundaries of hospitals and clinics.
  • Health information management will need to be event and message led rather than workflow driven.
  • Health information systems will need to serve dynamic "birth to death" processes rather than pre-determined "admittance to discharge" workflows.


What are the systems MediBus offers on its platform?

MediBus offers systems that increase efficiencies, profitability and quality of care across clinics, hospitals and laboratories.

For Clinics:
The MediBus Clinical Information Management System (CLIMS) is offered in the US for clinics.

For Hospitals:
The MediBus Clinical and Hospital Information Management System (CHIMS) is offered in India to hospitals to make them more efficient, profitable and patient friendly.

The MediBus platform is future proof as its bult on the cloud.


What is the advantage of being Cloud Based?

Lowers your IT investments:

Being "Cloud Based" means that you no longer have to keep investing in IT systems, maintain a large IT team, invest in constant upgrades of systems, security and hardware necessitating high capital expenditure. Instead you move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model, where the platform enables you to perform with a sophisticated system that you subscribe for and pay for as you use it.


You can focus on growing your business without worrying about constantly investing in IT to keep up with business growth. For "Cloud based" systems ensure scalability on an on-going basis.


MediBus offers pre-loaded templates which are customizable and expandable, as well as specialty templates so that you can be up and running quickly. While continuing to work the way you are used to.

Integrates seamlessly with what is important to you:

The MediBus platform enables you to integrate seamlessly across hospital, lab, radiology & billing systems for single data entry & capture, as well as central billing to which clinical procedures as well as all billable items are automatically updated. The system also supports all data on tablets and hand-held devices, and integrates easily with online monitoring devices to enable you to manage and monitor your patients on the go!

Timely updates in performance & functionality

The system will ensure you have timely reports on processes, functions and analyse data for you to be able to take value added decisions with regard to managing your healthcare delivery.

Hassle free maintenance

MediBus will take care of maintaining the platform and services with mission critical services so that your business is running fail safe 24/7.

The MediBus platform uses advanced technology platforms and is interoperable with many systems.


What are the interfacing abilities of RTMediBus?

Interface Engines:
The MediBus system has a stand-alone data gateway for normalizing multiple incoming and outbound data streams for interfacing disparate clinical systems in a timely, efficient manner.
Supports Standard Data Formats:

  • XML
  • HL7
  • ASTM
  • EDI
  • Arden Syntax
  • SOAP

Supports Non-Standard Formats:

  • Fixed-length messages
  • Custom delimited messages
  • Key-value pairs
  • Repeating fields
  • Varying message lengths
  • Specific formatting rules

Supports Standard Communication Protocols:

  • TCP/IP
  • ODBC Compiling
  • FTP
  • SNA
  • Serial

Offers Multiple Platform Support:

  • Windows NT/2000
  • Mac OS/ OSX
  • iPad and iPhone OS
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • AIX

Key Benefits of technology and configuration:

  • Shipped with pre-defined message formats HL7 (version 2.2 and later) EDI, and SMS record layouts
  • Message Definition Language (MDL) allows for premium customization of record formats to suit any need
  • Message Manipulation Language (MML) allows for quick translation of messages from one format to another reducing need for development time and resources.
  • Full-featured monitoring subsystem allowing for interface(s) status check(s) 24/7
  • Error recovery tools that programmatically detect, re-connect, and report lost interface connections
  • Ensures application conformity to defined standards by analysing system messages and reporting variations from the SNSI standard.


Why choose MediBus?

Customer Focus & Support:
We know that the service we provide you has to be mission critical to ensure you are able to deliver better business results and healthcare:

Attention to detail:

We ensure attention is paid to every minute detail of our customer's needs, and go the extra mile to ensure the best possible service. Because our success depends on yours.

Being available:

We are always reachable and responsive. Our dedicated support team is available on call and on the phone.

We take our responsibilities seriously:

We take ownership to ensure timely resolution to any requests and take our responsibilities very seriously.

Process & Quality:

We have stringent processes and quality control to ensure high quality of delivery in all parameters of our service.

Customer Delight:

With customers at several locations, we ensure customer delight through dedicated services. 

The MediBus technology platform comes with high quality support:

  • Right mix of proprietary tools to accelerate delivery.
  • Impactful learning videos & manuals to accelerate the speed of knowledge transfer.
  • Partnerships with enterprise scale technology partners for dependable delivery.
  • Future ready products and services to ensure seamless growth for you.
  • Ability to integrate with multiple devices with remote monitoring capabilities to expand your capabilities.


Products and partners compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)