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Our Philosophy

RT MediBus is built on the philosophy that providers should be data interpreters, while technology should intelligently gather and display data. It seeks to show each user exactly what he or she wants to know, in exactly the format that best suits individual work flow. It displays facts and trends intuitively, to facilitate data interpretation and clinical decision-making for better patient care and improve business results.


Corporate Vision

Core Purpose

  • Leverage information and communication technologies to build and implement affordable solutions towards the betterment of patient-centered healthcare.

Core Values

  • The cause of serving Healthcare shall be the prime motivator in everything that we seek to do.
  • User Delight shall form the cornerstone of our Quality Policy.
  • Integrity shall be a guiding feature in all our dealings and relationships.


Corporate Mission

  • Establish over a thousand delighted users of RT-MediBus in its first full year of operations.
  • Emerge by December 2013 as the leading enabler of the emerging paradigm of ubiquitous, patient-centered, personalized care.